Primary thread of the SHARE project

Cultural policy development

The long-term intention of the project is to create conditions for the improvement and internationalization of artistic work, in the target countries. Certainly one of the most important conditions is a healthy cultural policy, at both the local and national levels. Policies must reflect respect for the freedom and professionalism of artists and at the same time adress the cultural needs of the citizens.

Although European countries have a long and rich history of public investment in culture, the established policies have significantly lost contact with the constantly shifting needs of the community. There is a strong interest in re-defining the impulses that create structures and financing for the arts and culture.

West African countries have strong cultural and creative sectors but lack the necessary policies (and resources) to generate the true power of culture inherent in their people.

Our focus is to build bridges in both directions: to re-inspire European creativity and to make visible the still hidden excellence of West African cultures. This will be done through a series of cultural political conferences, engaging transnationally and multi-ethnically. Another instrument will be the creation of a West African Mobile Academy, advocacy workshops, cultivating emerging producers, technicians and artists.