My Story

Diverse contexts, common game

Senegal, Burkina Faso, Palestine

Today in the countries of sub-Saharan Africa and Middle East, one driving hope of young people is the practice of football and the opportunities it could provide. Everywhere in both urban and sub-urban neighbourhoods, unconventional football fields exist. A kind of alternative football school thrives, including championships and experiences introducing the global world of football in Europe, the Americas and Asia to local geo-political contexts. Parallel with this football movement, an artistic movement accompanies young people. It's about urban music, urban dance and self-creation. These arts are strongly linked to football in our countries.

Our project promotes a social, sporting and artistic bond, to promote the talent of young people and strengthen their physical, cultural and intellectual capital.

After the successful launch of the SHARE: My Story pilot project in Bobo Dioulasso, we were selected for support in the UEFA foundation for children's call for NGOs committed to supporting the rights of children and young people around the world.
We are proud to have been one of the 65 projects selected out of 1200 applications.

SHARE: My story, is special project dedicated to kids, youth, sport, culture and community.

our main activities

Capacity building of the engaged trainers/
mentors & youth

A kick off gathering - to define a common pedagogic approach and methodology. This sets foundation for the all of the coming Workshop Camps, which will take place in three target countries - (Senegal, Burkina Faso, Palestine)

Creative workshop

My Story

1st football stadium;
Bobo Dioulasso (February 2022)

The primary objective of the Documentary workshop was to offer young football players, 14 -19 years old, the craft of documentary filmmaking.

They got both knowledge and skills:

  • to work independently and collaboratively in a high-pressure creative environment.
  • to develop, produce and direct a short documentary with mobile.
  • to experience working as a director, producer, cinematographer, sound mixer, and editor on other participants’ productions.
  • to experience in-depth and hands-on digital cameras and sound equipment.
  • to master digital editing sufficiently to edit a film of up to 10 minutes in length.
  • to recognize and tell a good story.
  • to capture high-quality footage with low-budget gear.

The overall goal of the program is that by the time students pick up a camera or sit down to edit, they will have learned – from practice, from study, from lectures, from professionals – how to best tell a true story, by practicing the complicated blend of elements that make up a documentary film.

It is widely recognized that the production of documentary is one of the best ways to stimulate young people, encouraging both personal films and self-reflection. They need to see, transform and transmit their own surroundings.

Young people, in fact all people, learn best by doing them. They begin with short exercises geared towards understanding the basic principles of documentary film-making. They then work their way towards an own voice, adapting what they have recorded. And finally sharing theirs stories with one another across national borders, through a specially designed platform.

Mentors/Artists: Hrvoslava Brkušić (Croatia) Borut Bučinel ( Slovenia)

Urban dance & movement

Movement and body awareness are basic skills for both football and art. Experienced artists introduced young footballers to dance movement, which could be used also on football fields. The exceptional physical skills needed for both performance and sport excellence were polished. Self-confidence and self-expression were linked. Together they created a new performance and presented it to the public.

Each Movement workshop finishes with a Public Presentation, documented both by the youth participating in the Camera workshop, and by our professional documentary team, shared on dedicated website.


Raymond Siopathis, choreographer and dancer (France/Central Africa)

Adonis Nebie, dancer (Burkina Faso)

Gregor Luštek, choreographer and dancer (Slovenia)

Aguibou Bougobali Sanoe, choreographer and dancer ( Burkina Faso)

My Story
2nd football stadium; DAKAR (SN)

10. 01. – 21. 01. 2023

My Story projects' workshop in documentary filmmaking was conducted with the Amical de actrices du football féminin (AAFF, women's football team),the  mentors Borut Bučo Bučinel and Hrvoslava Brkušić and support of UEFAFoundation for Children.

My Story is a project whose main idea is that anyone can make a film, regardless of previous experience and knowledge. We aim to give cinematic tools to women and men who can share their struggles, fears, dreams and successes with people worldwide.

The project was carried out through film workshop sessions where, over a short period, participants could challenge themselves with camerawork, editing and storytelling. Directing films and playing football presupposes believing in teamwork and trusting each other. In these commonalities, the participants found ways to express themselves

partners of share project

art & football workshop (bobo dioulasso, december 2023)

Author: Borut Bučinel

photo bobo dioulasso (february 2022)

Author: Borut Bučinel

photo dakar senegal (january 2023)

Author: Borut Bučo Bučinel, Amadou Coura SEYE

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