choreography, dance
Tchina Ndjidda

Diaphane (Interstice), Trifon Koutsourelis (In Peace), Joubran trio (Masar)

Vincent Di Salvatoreconsulting: Ruzibiza Wesley

Ljubljana team
Borut Bučinel, Miha Maver, Boštjan Božič (video)

Compagnie DK-BEL

Grimo Art

French Institute in Cameroon, École des Sables / Sénégal, Yaoundé Theater Laboratory, EXODOS Ljubljana, DIC - Ivan Cankar Student Home Ljubljana

In accordance with the NIJZ decree, it is necessary to comply with the RVT condition in order to attend the performance.

CROSS in Ljubljana: Tchinatadi Ndjidda

Guest performance of the dance solo
November 3, 2021 at 19:30, Kreatorij DIC Ljubljana

The basis for Cross is the true story of a young dancer from Cameroon: due to the many frustrations and disappointments he experiences as a dancer in his own country and family, he embarks on a life adventure, to Europe. He wants to create there, but after many failed attempts, he decides to return home. From the whole journey, humbled, he shows us his journey into a utopian world.

"Cross is not just my dance performance, choreography ... It is my story, experience, journey ... It is definitely also a call against politics and capitalism, but above all it is a spirit of freedom and pride, a testimony to what I do more and more every day. Deprived young people: leave at all costs. "

As an introduction, the pre-preparation of Ljubljana Cross performance accompanies Borut Bučinel's video: Share; Cameroon.

Tchina Ndjidda (1991, Cameroon) first masters the street (popping, break dance, krump ...), and then encounters modern dance, which "with these movements and its rather ʻatypicalʼ rhythm" settles in his heart.

To date, he has created several dance performances (Beyond the Imagination, Le Temps, Ex-piation, Your Burden ...), as guest starred at numerous international festivals, and won many internationally important awards. All this further encourages him to continue his education: in 2018 he began studying African, traditional and contemporary dance at the École des Sables in Senegal, and in 2019 he met Gregor Luštek as part of the preparations for the SHARE project I Have a Dream. So he follows his dream to add "a big stone in the construction of choreographic art in Africa and around the world."


Author: Borut Bučinel