My Rituals

Tchina Ndjidda (Cameroon),
Djibril Ouattara (Burkina Faso),
Tessa Ljubić (Croatia),
Jone Amezaga del Frago (Spain),
Raymond Siopathis (France),
Charlotte Manu (Ghana),
and Gabriel Bokorvi (Ghana)

Rituals can be reassuring and confining, as they are traditions and customs we follow. They can be seen as formal, mandatory, and restrictive or as a way to feel a sense of belonging to a larger group. The human race is diverse in its cultural, social, and generational aspects. Thus, rituals have a significant social value.

A captivating dance performance My Dearest Rituals delves into the idea of ambiguity in different types of rituals that people encounter in their lives - be it cultural, religious, or familial. Choreographed by French author Sophie Bulbulyan, the project features 8 amazing dancers from Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Croatia, Spain, and France. Developed over the course of two residencies in Ghana and Croatia, the performance will premiere on 21 September 2023 at Lekuona Fabrika, after the third and final residency in Errenteria, Spain.

May 2023, Accra, Ghana; June 2023, Zagreb, Croatia; September 2023, Errenteria, Spain

21 September 2023, Lekuona Fabrika, Errenteria, Spain

Performance My Dearest Rituals is a collaborative project between SHARE, Exodos Ljubljana (SI), Compagnie DK-BEL (FR), Kultura Kreatiboa / Errenteria Udala (SP), and Zagrebački plesni centar / Zagreb Dance Center (CR), with associate partners Compagnie Tamadia (Burkina Faso) and National Theatre of GHANA .

my rituals - Teaser

my rituals - premiere, Errenteria, Spain

Author: Borut Bučo Bučinel

my rituals - premiere, Errenteria, Spain

my rituals - residence zagreb

Author: Neven Petrović (Zagrebački plesni centar)

my rituals - rehearsal