Dancer, Actor, Choreographer

Eneko Gil Alberdi

00 34 647 893 086‬
20100 Errenteria

Formal and academic training

  • BA in Hispanic Philology at the University of the Basque Country
  • Master's Degree in Teacher Training at the Valencian International University
  • EGA (Euskararen Gaitasun Agiria/Basque Language C1 Certificate.)
  • Dancer in Kukai Dance Company since the creation of the company until nowadays (2001-2022)
  • Contemporary Dance training at (North Carolina) American Dance Festival eta Movement Research (New York)thanks to the scholarship won at the Choreographic Contest Pasoados/Madrid in 2009
  • He has participate in different workshops: with many dance companies and choreographers: DV8, Ballet Boyz,Daniel Abreu, Natxo Montero, Mikel Aristegui, Janet Novás, Jone San Martín, ...
  • C1 English Certificate-ziurtagiria.

Professional dance experience

Kukai Dance Company’s founding member.
He has participated in these performances:

  • 1937, gogoaren bidezidorretatik (2001)
  • Otehitzari Biraka (2004).
  • Latidos (2006)
  • Hnuy Illa (2008).
  • Soka (2009)
  • Sok2 (2010)
  • Karrikan (2011) and Out/In (2012) created by Iker Gomez and La Intrusa Danza (Damián Muñóz and Virginia García)
  • Komunikazioa-inkomunikazioa (2013), created by the dancer and choreographer Ione San Martin
  • Gelajauziak (2015), created by the choreographer Cesc Gelabert.
  • He is the soloist of the dance performance OSKARA (2016), created by the choreographer M. Morau (La Veronal)
    Watch Trailer
  • ERRITU (2018), a dance piece created by Sharon Fridam for Kukai Dance Company. Watch recap

He worked for the company ERTZA dantza/antzerki konpainia, under the direction of Asier Zabaleta. He has dance the next pieces: Bihar jaio nintzen (2008), Zoo (2010) and Act of God (2012). He won an scholarship for his work in the piece Bihar jaio nintzen and he could join the American Dance Festival in North Carolina and the Movement Research in New York in 2009.

Act of God Performance

At the American Dance Festival, he could work with the choreographer Rosie Herrera in the piece A various stages of Drawning and with the choreographer Michael Miller in the piece The speed of Light.

He creates next to choreographer Mikel Aristegui a music video for the music band Snoopy Lads (Berlin). He worked for Mikel Aristegui’s company in the next pieces: Unerwartet/Ezustekoa and Batteleku batean.

Unerwartet/Ezustekoa Trailer
  • In 2011, he creates, next to Noemi Viana and Iñigo Ortega, ANAKRUSA Dance-Theater Company, aim for work with movement, sound, dance and other disciplines. They premiered the piece Tempus, -I in 2012
  • Between 2019 and 2021, he has worked with the choreographer Myriam Pérez Cazabón in the pieces Mutu and Hiru. On the other hand he has worked with HIKA Theater company, as and actor/dancer in the piece Tonbola.
  • As well, he has work with different Basque companies and creators: Organik Dance Company, Teresa Caló,Mireia Gabilondo...
  • In 2021, he has participate in Koldo Arostegui’s El ritmo que nos procede as a dancer and choreographer Watch more
  • In 2022 he participates in Oier Zuñiga’s Eresia as a dancer, actor and creator Watch trailer
  • He has participated as a dancer and choreographer in different video movies for music bands, such as KEN7, Grises, Doctor Deseo, Beira, Manez eta Kobreak
  • Karrikan (2011) and Out/In (2012) created by Iker Gomez and La Intrusa Danza (Damián Muñóz and Virginia García)
  • In 2022, he will premiere as an actor a theater piece called Hondamendia next to Artedrama and Axut theater companies. The piece will be show around the Basque Country between 2022 and 2023.

Experience as a choreographer

  • He created next to Anakrusa collective the pieces Tempus,-I, Insitu and Duo Watch recap
  • Thanks to Donostia 2016 European Capital of Culture and Etxepare Institute, he created in the polish city of WroclawBruno, kanela koloreko dendak Watch artpiece
  • In 2017, he created next to HIKA Teatroa the choreography for the dance piece Sagartu Watch trailer
  • In 2018, he developed the choreographic project Non bis in idem for Dantzaz Dance Company. Watch trailer
  • In 2019, he created the piece BASAIDE for Bilaka Kolektiboa Watch short film
  • In 2020, he participated in the program ATALAK, developing the choreographic project Fuck you Bertin with the dancers of Dantzaz Dance Company See more
  • In 2021, he created next to HIKA tetroa and OINKARI dance group a dance-theater piece called GAZTE. Watch teaser trailer
  • Between 2021 and 2022, he develops a choreographic investigation called Fuck you Bertin/Hitzezko hitzakmugimenduan, thanks to the support of the Basque Government.

Teaching experience/Exchanging practices

  • He teaches contemporary dance in Oinkari Dance Group in Villabona, Orbeldi Dance Group in Usurbil, Nebraska Dance Group in Donostia and also in Borderline Fabrika in Hendaia
  • He participates next to Kukai Dance Company, Hika Teatroa, among others, he developed different exchange practices with children, migrants, people at risk of social exclusion, people with Alzheimer’s, people with other abilities…